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Cross Country Skiing Lessons

Our ski lessons are designed for the beginning Cross Country skier and the skier who wants to improve their control when skiing downhill. Lessons are offered on all of our bus trips providing we have an instructor available. Vern Brandt is our instructor and his objective is to teach beginner skiers how to ski in control and as safely as possible. If you miss a lesson don't get too upset. Each lesson is similar. Progress takes place as you learn how to use your body and brain to ski. Your physical condition and coordination will determine your progress. Each skier progresses at a different rate. Vern is a very patient instructor who has literally taught thousands of Cross Country and Downhill skiers.

The cost is of lessons is included in the cost of memberships and we encourage everyone to take lessons and improve. Lessons are only offered on the bus trips and new skiers have priority.

You can start lessons at any time of the season and still be successful. Your rate of progress is a function of your fitness and past experience. If you miss a lesson, you will find that your progress will be slowed.

We recommend that new skiers rent equipment for the first few times until they find out if they like the sport and until they have a better idea of what is involved and what a good fit is. Rental rates are quite reasonable and good value compared with owning.