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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the membership fee?
    The cost of membership is $25 per year per person . There is no longer a family membership.
  2. Why is the membership fee so low?
    The club is a 100% volunteer organization. Every job is done without any freebees or special considerations.
  3. We live outside of Scarborough. Can we join the Scarborough Cross Country Ski Club?
    Yes you can. About one third of our membership live outside the City of Toronto.
  4. How much does it cost for a member to go to the wine and cheese? Is the wine extra?
    The entire event and the wine is free.
  5. Why is the bus fee only $25 instead of $30?
    Our buses are always full so we are able to spread the cost among more people. Also our executive has decided that they prefer to encourage full participation.
  6. Do you make a profit on the buses?
    All our activities are supposed to break even. We are non profit.
  7. Do you use yellow school buses?
    No, we use luxury highway coaches from Coach Canada.
  8. Are children welcome?
    Children are welcome at all times. Children are expected to be under an adult's supervision. There are no lessons for children.
  9. I am a beginner skier? Will I be embarrassed or unwelcome?
    About 50% of our membership learned to ski with our beginner club lessons at one time or another.
  10. Can I get injured cross country skiing?
    Yes you can, quite easily. While our lessons are designed to help you learn how to ski under control, we have injuries each year. Most people think of Cross Country skiing as shuffling around in a golf course but there is a downhill component which is quite thrilling. There is an element of danger and risk in skiing. Going downhill with two skinny boards strapped to your legs is not the safest choice.
  11. How can I avoid injury?
    By learning how to ski safely; By following a program of physical conditioning; By not falling on the hills; By staying at home and watching TV. By having good luck.
  12. What is the Iron Leg award?
    The Iron Leg award was designed by the late Fred Burgener about 30 years ago. It is presented to the individual who received the worst injury during the ski year at a club outing. One of our members has received it 3 times.
  13. What is the cost of lessons?
    Lessons are included in the cost of your membership.
  14. What happens if I miss a lesson?
    A big component of the lessons is repetition. As you become physically more comfortable on skis you will learn more each time. So if you miss a lesson you just start at where you were and carry on. In any class some students will progress quickly and others will take longer. A lot depends on your physical conditioning and the muscular strength of your legs. However if you miss a week you will take longer to get back to your last lesson's skill level.
  15. Can I phone to find out if the bus is cancelled?
    No, we'll email you. We will also post the cancellation on the website.
  16. When should I send in my cheques for Buses?
    Cheques should be sent in by early December or late November, the sooner the better.
  17. Why do I have to put my email  on my cheque?
    So we can email you if the bus is cancelled. If you don't want to be contact just put on an email address you no longer check or has changed'
  18. Why separate cheques for each bus?
    We will tear up your cheque if the trip is cancelled. Think of your cheque as a self produced ticket to an event.
  19. Do I need to bring money with me on the bus?
    Yes, you will have to buy a trail pass which will be from $8 to $22 and you may want to buy a coffee at the chalet.
  20. Can I rent skis?
    Every destination that we go to rents skis..
  21. Why is there a new pickup point?
    The new Pickup point at York Mills will help us serve those members who use Public Transit. If you wish to use the York Mills Street pickup write York Mills by your phone number.
  22. Does your club have races? Do you have advanced lessons?
    This is a touring club with the philosophy that everyone who participates in an active lifestyle is a winner no matter what their ability level. We just haven't had the interest in racing for many years. Our lessons are aimed at the beginner because our instructors are busy enough with the new skiers.